Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday notes

* Kevin Towers seems to like Padres CEO Jeff Moorad's description of him as a "gunslinger." Towers worked "gunslinger" into his new e-mail address.

*At "," Padres executive Paul DePodesta wrote a touching piece on Towers. DePodesta landed a cool job with the Padres after the Dodgers fired him as their GM, and he expects Towers to bounce back as well. For my part, I expect that Towers will enjoy his next gig, either as a GM or a special assistant. Down the road, I wouldn't be surprised to see him on ESPN or Fox as a pundit.

* On the day he fired Towers, Moorad talked of wanting a GM who is a "strategic planner." Funny, that's how agent Scott Boras described DePodesta for a story I wrote in March. Once Boras used that description, I had a vision of DePodesta playing Stratego. A few major league scouts, by the way, tell me they saw a lot of DePodesta on the scouting trail this year.

* Am hearing Padres scout Chris Gwynn has a shot at becoming the club's farm director, which would cap a big year for the Gwynns.

* Not surprising that Towers, in his final press conference as Padres GM, singled out David Eckstein for praise. Towers pushed hard to sign Eckstein. And after the deal got done, he rebuffed in-house suggestions that Travis Denker get the job instead.

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