Friday, October 2, 2009

Towers on way out

Kevin Towers is not returning as general manager of the Padres, according to a major league source. The club will make the announcement on Saturday, when both CEO Jeff Moorad and Towers are to address reporters.

Towers, who is guaranteed well over $1 million next year, has been GM of the Padres since November 1995. On his watch, the club won four National League West titles and an NL pennant.

It's not clear who will replace Towers. But Padres executive Paul DePodesta, a former GM of the Dodgers, is in favor with Moorad and club president Tom Garfinkel, according to sources. DePodesta is likely to survive the front-office purge -- but it's unlikely he'll assume the GM job. His contract has two more years on it, with a salary comparable to that of many GMs.

Towers got a sense he was in trouble two weeks ago, when the club told him it was beginning a search for a new GM.

As of now, Towers doesn't appear likely to move into a GM job before or during the 2010 season. Instead, he's more likely to work as a scout for one of the many GMs that he considers a friend.

The shakeup in San Diego could extend to several baseball officials hired by Towers, including farm system overseer Grady Fuson and scouting director Bill Gayton. It's not expected that Gayton will remain as scouting director, although he might stay within the franchise. Both Fuson and Gayton have a year left on their contracts.

A Padres scout on the rise within the organization is Chris Gwynn, a client of Moorad's when Moorad was a player agent. When Moorad was a Diamondbacks executive, Gwynn was interviewed for the club's director of scouting job.

Moorad hired Garfinkel from the Diamondbacks, but don't look for him to hire another Diamondbacks official into the GM job.


  1. Good to see you back at it, Tom.

    Its been a long time coming for Towers. Though having a uncanny talent for pulling the rabbit out of the hat just when you think he's broken the camels back, Towers will be forever known as the man who, with multiple hands at work, put a major cool on the padres minor league system. Imagine a team full of outcasts and has-beens and guess what you got? No, well, yes, the padres, but more often than not, In my opinion, a team that has Towers as a GM. One thing I'd always look forward to every offseason was the moment Towers would botch any chance for the padres to receive any talent in return while in trade talks with his annual "foot in the mouth" routine(Peavy trade;"the rain has left the staion"). He has always come up short with his dealings in free agent signings, amateur drafts, and is far too well known for his leverage busting blabbering's to be considered a good GM. I truly feel he has grown weary of his job, of san diego, of the perennial pathetic-es that this team has come to symbolize in his psyche, which is a sad thing. Given the initial impact the Moores' family had for this ball club, who would of thought that this was the web that'd be spun, and a sticky one it is. That being said, Towers, I must bid adieu, my inverse fine weather friend. let us hope you end up with some cross town rival, and you can ruin their farm system for the next ten years or so.

  2. I don't know what to make of this. I was never a huge KT fan, but I think I will miss him more than I thought. KT's strenghth he could flat out find pitching. The minor league system has not been traditionaly great. Then you look at todays major league roster, and its littered with rookies that came through the system. Is this the price for being the good soldier? Did he want to draft Mstt Bush, did he want to cut the payroll again and again. Whoever steps in next, is in a pretty good position. Tons of upside payroll, and a good nucleus of young players and pitchers to build around. I don't know, I guess time will tell, if this is a prudent move or not.