Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who's next?

Jed Hoyer, assistant GM of the Red Sox, is among the names I've heard today for the Padres' GM job. UPDATE: The Padres asked for and received permission to interview Hoyer.

Was also told again that the next GM "probably" will not come from the Diamondbacks. Padres executive Paul DePodesta's clout within the club has grown in recent weeks, so other baseball officials say he'll have a say in who gets the job. DePodesta worked with potential GMs such as David Forst (A's) and Kim Ng (Dodgers). Forst, like DePodesta, played baseball for Harvard. Am still hearing DePodesta likely isn't the next GM. Bear in mind, though, that it's not unheard of for clubs to interview several outsiders, then pick their own guy, sometimes after persuading that guy he should take the job. While that's not typical, it's how it played out when the Padres made Kevin Towers their GM, and when the Red Sox moved Theo Epstein into their job. So, it wouldn't be stunning if the Padres interviewed several outsiders, then selected DePodesta, although he's said he loves his current job. Am told that DePodesta and new president Tom Garfinkel have a strong rapport. DePodesta's contract, which runs through 2011, guarantees him a salary comparable to that of many GMs. Today, CEO Jeff Moorad said the Padres are looking outside for a new GM. "There is not an internal candidate at this point," Moorad added. He also said Towers did a "really terrific job of molding the team this year. I am pleased that Kevin stuck with the young players and gave them a chance to grow and mature."

Moorad said he seeks a GM who will "focus on scouting and player development." The CEO said he wants "more planning and more discipline in those particular areas." Confirming my Friday post that Towers was told two weeks ago that the club would open up the GM search, Moorad said the club has interviewed three candidates and will talk to others.


  1. In August DePodesta's public voice, his blog, was silenced by Garfinkel and Moorad.

    I am not so sure that shows "that DePodesta and new president Tom Garfinkel have a strong rapport".

    In fact it seems to point in the other direction.

  2. Is that what it is? Because nothing's been coming in via his blog

  3. Haha, I don't think they "silenced the blog", as you could see the activity dwindling as time passed.