Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A look back at a look ahead

Who were the top 10 Padres prospects entering 2009? Here is my list from last January:

Looking back, it's a decent list. The evaluators I interviewed led me to rank Will Venable and Simon Castro high enough that readers asked if I was sniffing glue, but each player followed with a promising season. The biggest disappointments were outfielders Kellen Kulbacki and Cedric Hunter. Kulbacki sustained a hamstring injury in which muscle was torn from bone. Hunter regressed, leaving the Padres bewildered and frustrated. Looks like I over-ranked Adys Portillo. Some of his wild spells this year were troubling. He's still younger than most of the players who will be drafted this year. Nor did I see Edinson Rincon emerging to the extent he did in 2009. Before I started talking to scouts, I figured that Allan Dykstra would be on the list. I heard enough skepticism to go with James Darnell instead. Judging by the last 15 years, maybe any player drafted by the Padres in the first round should be downgraded just as a matter of course. On a personal note, it was fun to interview Jaff Decker. His love for baseball comes through.


  1. Tom,

    Can you please try and get anyone from the padres to explain how they could not tender Kevin Correia a contract? Did anyone see the contract that Randy Wolf just got? Even at 4 mil a year that is a steal for what this guy gives you. I would think that at worst case he would have good trade value come the deadline.

  2. Seriously this has got to be one of the worst decisions I have seen this club make in a long time. Correia a 3.91 ERA in 33 starts, pitching 198 innings with 142 K's. Wolf 34 starts 214 innings and 160 k's just signed for 9 mil a year! a 6 million dollar discount for correia is a no brainer!