Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday notes

Baseball America had me take a look at the Doogster and what the Padres have been doing with their farm system. Here's the story:

Congratulations to Jason McLeod, who is joining the Doogster's staff as assistant GM in charge of scouting and development. A former Padres scout mentioned in this blog last month, McLeod drafted well in his time inside The Matrix. He's also known for having great people skills. Skeptics will note that Boston's wealth allowed McLeod to attack the draft more aggressively than most other clubs could. Isn't it about properly valuing talent? I doubt the Padres would regret it if they had drafted Casey Kelly and paid him above slot money instead of drafting Allan Dykstra with their first pick in 2008. The Padres have shown an increased willingness to invest strongly in their farm system. Despite his love for San Diego, I strongly doubt McLeod would've left the Matrix without getting assurances from the Padres that they will spend competitively in the draft and internationally. My guess is he'll hire a scouting director, while retaining input into the draft. Score this one as a coup for the Doogster. In weeks and months ahead, I doubt Sox GM Theo Epstein, a close friend of McLeod's dating to their time together in San Diego, will allow the Padres to hire more than one or two others from Boston, if anyone at all. While with Boston, McLeod tried to hire Padres scout Chris Gwynn, so look for Gwynn to have more say-so.

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  1. The Baseball America story was fantastic Tom.

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