Friday, January 8, 2010

Better late than never?

Radio baritone Lee Hamilton asks an interesting question. Should the Padres sign Vladimir Guerrero? Seems to me, Vlad and his creaky knees belong in the American League rather than Petco Park. If I'm proved wrong, great. I do wonder how good the Padres would've been if they'd signed Guerrero six years ago, something that Bruce Bochy and others within the organizaiton wanted to happen.. The Padres, who were on the verge of moving into Petco Park, opted against making Guerrero an offer. Here's the story:


  1. Tom did the pads ever finish in the top in revenues? If not where did they fail to capitalize on Petco?

  2. This is one move (or lack thereof) that always made me angry. KT often shied away from free agents because they got more money than they deserved. However, these seemed like a classic case where the free agent was getting UNDER paid because of a weak market. The Padres should have jumped all over this. I think it is clear that Vlad more than earned his money on the contract the Angels gave him. KT proved to be a little too cautious in this case.

  3. Jose,

    Where they failed to capitalize on Petco is when they traded for Brian Giles, instead of saving that money and the prospects (Jason Bay) and using the incoming revenue that was going to be generated to shop in free agency and land the likes of a Vlady. Oh I don't know an outfield with Vlady and Jason Bay would have looked pretty good to me. The padres and MLB for that matter got exactly what they wanted with PETCO and now to be told that a 40 million dollar payroll is all that is available to work with is a joke. Do they need to spend like the Yankees...NO...but they do need to spend like the Royals, Giants, Blue Jays, Cleveland, brewers, D-backs, and twins. Owners that do not have any resources at all but want to get FAT off the future sale of the Franchise is the only reason to have the second lowest Payroll. San Diego deserves better and the Padres have made the Chargers worst nightmares come true, they have lied to everyone over what this new stadium would do for the team. 40 Million dollar payrolls to be funded at THE Murph!

    The only way they capitalized on PETCO is by lining their pockets!