Friday, January 22, 2010

Headley's time

Back in November, I talked to Grady Fuson for the Baseball America story about the Doogster and the farm system. Fuson admitted that even he grew concerned as Chase Headley's struggles deepened last season.

"I had actually gotten to a point of somewhat disappointment in Headley," said Fuson, an outspoken defender of Headley's. "I thought he had been given enough time to get the jitters out, to adapt, to adjust. I was a little bit disappointed that Chase was not performing at a better level."

Headley rebounded from a .232/.308/.366/.674 first half to go .293/.377/.421/.798 in the second half -- and Fuson exhaled.

"Now, whether it was coincidence, whether it was (hitting coach) Randy Ready coming up, whether it was a change of vibe in the clubhouse, I don't know," Fuson said. "But his performance came up, more to the level that I could see Chase playing. I was seeing this picture of a Chase Headley that looked like a .280 hitter, 20 home runs, 75 RBI, high on-base percentage.

"So, is that the real Chase Headley now? I don't know."

We're about to find out.


  1. I think the move back to third will result in a breakout season for Chase. I think the above line suggested by Fuson is very reasonable.

  2. hey, Chase will be fine. I see him hitting in the 270's with 20 bombs and an OBP of around .380.

    I think the NL west will be surprised with the amount of pop in the pods Line-up.