Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Forsythe buzz

Logan Forsythe is getting a look at second base. I did a segment on it for AOL/FanHouse -- the site is So far, so good. "I like his athletic actions (at second base)," said manager Bud Black.

Drafted out of the University of Arkansas in 2008, Forsythe has played well at third base, but fellow SEC alum Chase Headley is blocking him there. Black said the move was done to get Forsythe more at-bats in spring training. Of course, if that was their only reason for moving Forsythe, the Padres could've put him at third base in mini camp with their other minor league prospects instead of placing him in major league camp.

Forsythe likely will return to third and start the season either at Double-A or Triple-A. He could open a door for himself, though, if he fares well at second, where he played with Team USA during of his college career. The Padres recently traded a second-base prospect who was above him in the farm system -- Eric Sogard -- partly because they like Forsythe better. The second-baseman in Triple-A, Matt Antonelli, is also getting a look in major league camp. Padres second-baseman David Eckstein is on a one-year contract.

Infield coaches Glenn Hoffman and Gary Jones are part of the Forsythe experiment. The Padres liked how third-baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff improved under Hoffman's tutelage. They also like Forsythe's improvement under Jones, who works in the farm system. Both men are working with Forsythe in spring training.

My sense is that the Padres believe that Forsythe's bat might play better at second. If you want to connect more dots, it seems they're comfortable with both Headley and their other third-base prospects -- led by James Darnell and Edinson Rincon. Forsythe, though, is rated a better defender than either Darnell or Rincon.

Today, Forsythe hit an opposite-field home run off left-hander Clayton Richard. Went about 390 feet. It was an "Arizona homer" but impressive nonetheless. "He's a strong kid," said Padres hitting instructor Tony Muser.

I also did an interview with Adrian Gonzalez for FanHouse. For what it's worth, at two other camps that I've visited, players and management expressed disappointment that it appears the Padres will trade Gonzalez. At the same site, you'll find my interviews with Chris Young and Bud Black.

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