Friday, April 9, 2010

Brain teaser

Let's see: The Padres tell us they lost prospect Chad Huffman because there was no room in the inn, yet the Padres still have Matt Stairs. Does anyone else see this as a wee bit at odds? Can't say I'm in the know on this one. I'll just call it...odd for a team in rebuilding mode. Yes, I do realize that Stairs is left-handed and Huffman is right-handed. Maybe Stairs will hit a 450-foot home run today, but that's not really the point.

Must say, the transaction made me chuckle because it was the Yankees who claimed Huffman. Immediately I thought of the Gunslinger. When he was GM of the Padres, his staffers called him "Willie Waiver Wire."

For what it's worth, the Yankees were the only club to put in a waiver claim on Huffman. The DH option likely adds to Huffman's value. My sense is that the Padres rated him a subpar defender, not a "Petco" outfielder.

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  1. Yup, KT strikes again. Going to miss that guy.

    It's strange to have to decide between an old veteran and a relatively cheap talent in the organization. This is similar to the situation with Myrow, McAnulty, or Macias of last few seasons. I'd think with the Padres' payroll, it'd be much better to spend the money elsewhere or safe it for later move to push for playoff.

    It's a minor head-scratcher but a head-scratcher still.