Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Stay thirsty, my friends.

A second Beerfest is in the works.

Wiser to the ways of San Diego -- the Munich of the West -- the Padres vow to be ready.

"For our next Beerfest," club prez Tom Garfinkel wrote in an e-mail, "which we are in the midst of planning for later this summer, we plan on using more of the Park at the Park surrounding area to allow better spacing, additional breweries with more beer per stand and more food options. We are also evaluating how to speed up the pours including more taps, more servers and faster ID checking processes."

Debuting last month, Beerfest was like a few parties at my alma mater San Diego State only with much higher prices. More people showed up than anticipated and drank all the beer.

"We had over 1,500 people enter the Park at the Park gates at 4:30 and the PATP filled to roughly 5,000," Garfinkel said, admitting: "It was much bigger than we planned."

He still called it a huge success, citing a 15-percent spike in game attendance from a comparable Friday in April 2009. Unable to tame his inner wonk, the COO added: "We want to continue to celebrate the great beers and brewers of San Diego. Petco Park is an ideal downtown, outdoor location that enables folks easy access to the beers that are brewed in our own backyard."

He likes the event's ability "to bring together folks that might not otherwise come to Petco Park for a game, including a young, energetic crowd."

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