Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Beerfest

San Diego's overwhelming response to Beerfest has led the Padres to create a second Beerfest for this season, only they're calling it Oktoberfest. Makes sense. San Diego, remember, is the Munich of the West.

Club tells me the date is Sept. 24. Opponent is Cincinnati so maybe the Padres can stock Hudepohl. Here's the Wikipedia excerpt:

Hudepohl Brewing Company became one of many Cincinnati breweries to thrive in the Queen City in the 1880s. Waves of German immigrants began settling in and around Cincinnati in the 1850s and 60s. These immigrants had a taste for the lager beer of their homeland and Cincinnati's German beer barons were only too willing to answer the demand... .Hudepohl 14-K was relaunched on September 23, 2009.

The Padres ran out of beer during the first Beerfest. Visions of dollar signs in his head, club prez Tom Garfinkel told me the club will be ready this time.

I'm assuming the proceeds will go to the Adrian Gonzalez Fund, or to offset the salary of the hitter the Padres acquire this summer.

What does Padres pitcher Mat Latos think of having another Beerfest event?

He thinks the dude who dinged his car at the last Beerfest had better not show his face.

"Some guy threw something at my car, and I had a nice ding in my car and scratch in my car that I had to go personally fix myself because I'm not going to stop," Latos said. "Obviously the guy was drunk."

Probably a Giants fan.

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