Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I wonder if the Padres stifled a grin when they told the baseball world that Mat Latos hurt himself by attempting to stifle a sneeze.

I watched Latos throw a bullpen over the weekend. If his side is bothering him in the least, it was not evident. The Tattooed One was popping the mitt.

Baseball should create a Deception List within the Disabled List. Go on and you get a long, plastic nose. The Padres would be among the many candidates. For an entire season -- I think it was 1999 -- they used the DL to float an extra guy on their 25-man roster. Archi Cianfrocco, who was a terrible liar, went on it a few times that year. My favorite use of the DL this year came several weeks ago when the Mets put Oliver Perez there after several days of trying to persuade him to go to the minors. Perez had told me point blank that his surgical knee wasn't bothering him at all, wasn't a factor in his poor pitching. A few days later, Ollie went onto the DL because, we were told, his surgical knee was sore. I couldn't stife a grin.

Funny, a ballplayer at Petco Park actually did hurt himself in a sneeze-related incident. Sammy Sosa injured a torso muscle there several years ago while sneezing in the clubhouse. He then went onto the DL.

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