Saturday, July 24, 2010

Latos and Schilling

Ted Leitner made an excellent point about Mat Latos today when he likened the Tattooed One to Curt Schilling in this regard: He allows a goodly number of home runs, which actually reflects well on both his approach and his talent. Latos, like Schilling, trusts his fastball. If he misses over the white of the plate, so be it. Sometimes the hitter will knock it over the wall, but the overall gains in aggressiveness make it well worth it.

Today Latos threw strikes with about 75 percent of his pitches. To my eyes, he is pitching slightly better than Stephen Strasburg. The San Diego Kid is sensational, but Latos seems to hit his target a bit more consistently. He seems to exert himself slightly less as well. Of course, it's sort of like comparing grades of diamonds.

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