Saturday, August 7, 2010

1998 redux

Want to feel a little older today?

Here's the ticket.

Quilvio Veras: "I'm about to turn 40."

Tony Gwynn: "Get out of here. Forty?!?"

Gwynn: "I just turned 50!"

Q: "Unbelievable. No!"

Veras was at Petco Park last week. So was Carlos Hernandez. Now a minor league instructor with the Royals, Veras looks like he could still play baseball. In fact, he's more muscular than when he was as San Diego's leadoff hitter in 1998. "Q knows that (David) Eckstein is on the DL, so he's here to make a comeback," cracked Hernandez, the Padres' starting catcher in 1998.

I quoted Hernandez recently. He spoke very highly of Bruce Bochy, the former Padres manager. Carlos said that several Latino players on the Giants respect Bochy immensely. Bochy and the Giants have good mojo working for them, Carlos added.

Bochy's fourth Padres team went to the World Series. This is his fourth Giants team, and Bochy told me in April that it's his best Giants team. I get the sense that Bochy is unpopular with a lot of Giants fans, which is a bit confusing to me. That's a subject for another story.

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