Sunday, August 1, 2010


Needing to open up a roster spot for Ryan Ludwick yet wary of altering the team's chemistry, the Padres announced today that utility man Oscar Salazar will go onto the disabled list because of a sprained right Achilles tendon. The move spares the Padres the unpleasantness of demoting or cutting a player, and allows Everth Cabrera to provide depth in the middle infield until David Ecsktein comes off the DL.

I guess that game-winning single that Oscar hit on Thursday was more taxing than we saw. Or perhaps it was the celebration afterward, when Oscar jumped around like a gymnast.

My post on July 20 applies here. To refresh, the Padres seemingly used the DL to buy extra rest for Mat Latos in July. I think the Padres will probably use the DL likewise at least once more before the roster expands in September. Then again, maybe Salazar's sprain will waylay him for the rest of the season.

Do this stuff amount to anything? Not really.


  1. so frieri goes down when adams comes back, who goes down when eckstein comes back and who goes down when oscar comes back? I would think Everth who is struggling and has options is an easy choice to send to AAA for a month till September call ups but who goes after that? Venable still has options. Mat Latos to the DL again?

  2. I intially thought Frieri would go to Portland when Adams comes back, and that still may happen, but how can you send him to AAA?! -- He's given up one hit in 6+ innings and is almost striking out 2 per inning!

    Personally I'd send Webb down; he'll be back in September (although so would Frieri return then)....

    As for the Salazar DL thing, yeah, right. (Wink, wink.) Obviously they'll make the determination come the middle of August; hopefully no one else will be (legitimately) hurt by then, but if someone were, that might solve the problem....

    If not, maybe Stairs to the 15-day DL, so Salazar doesn't have to sit a whole month.

    They probably decided to put Salazar on the 15-day because he's a right-handed hitter, and they have more of those than lefties and therefore wanted to keep Stairs active.... I don't see Venable going to AAA before Stairs would go the DL.

  3. Man, I missed that Frieri pitched the bottom of the 9th Monday night -- and struck out the side...!... Now he's got 14 K's in 7 innings and a third. He walked his 2nd batter Monday night, but has still only given up one hit.