Friday, August 6, 2010

Seamhead stuff

* When the White Sox tried to trade for Jake Peavy in May 2009, pitching prospect Dan Hudson was part of their offer. The second time that Chicago came after Peavy, the Sox pulled Hudson out of the deal. Hudson eventually was traded to the Diamondbacks for Edwin Jackson, and he pitched well against the Padres tonight to lead Arizona to the 2-1 victory. Hudson was impressive. Lively fastball. Didn't need a breaking ball. Pitched well both inside and inside off the plate, and that's atypical for a young pitcher.

* The old scouts have an expression: Chop his thumbs off. In other words, throw chest-high, inside fastballs to stay off the barrel. Scouts with the Diamondbacks and Dodgers seemingly have implored their pitchers to take that approach with Padres newcomer Miguel Tejada, whose bat isn't as fast as it used to be. By the end of tonight's game, Tejada was shaking his hands to restore feeling to his fingers. Hudson beat him with inside fastballs a few times. A few days ago, Tejada unloaded on a fat, slowish fastball from Ted Lilly, but he's struggled to get his barrel to inside fastballs.

* I don't recall Ryan Ludwick being quite so busy at the plate when he was with the Cardinals. I almost expect to see sawdust come off the bat handle. There's inherent stress to being traded during a pennant race, and I wonder if there's extra adrenaline at work.

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