Monday, March 7, 2011

By cracky...

I want to meet these people who bet on baseball. I was thinking this as Mike Adams told me about his ancient knees. Not once, not twice but three times did Adams have the microfracture surgery in 2006-07. A surgeon scraped bone so that it bled and scarred where there wasn't cartilage. Does this sound promising for a young athlete?

Years later, his micro-fractured knees still hurt when he ran, so Adams did the sensible thing. He stopped running. In other sports, that spells doom. Not so baseball. Adams, the guy the Padres got for Brian Sikorski, became the relief pitcher with the microfractured knees and the microscopic ERAs. His ERA in 2008? 2.48. His ERA in 2009? 0.73. His ERA in 2010? 1.76. And now, he can run again without wincing. "This is the first spring training here where I'm doing my conditioning on the field," he says. What does this portend? Beats me.

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