Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost and found?

We've all been where Tony Gwynn Jr. was last season. Me in Trigonometry class, or any shopping mall -- Gwynn in the batter's box. "I was lost," he recalls. Bad geometry fogged his world. When he tried to hit, his angle of attack doomed him: "My hands were below the baseball. That's why I had so many flyballs. Your hands have to be above the baseball." Even sons of franchise icons can't afford to bat .204, so the Padres gave his job to the faster, younger, more powerful Cameron Maybin, and Gwynn went to work last winter with Dodgers hitting coaches Jeff Pentland and Dave Hansen   His leather got him a backup job with L.A. The bat? "I'm so encouraged," he says. "I feel more confident than I ever have that I can get it done." Days later, he showed what he meant.

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