Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loss irks Hundley

Catcher Nick Hundley blamed himself for the 4-2 loss to the Dodgers in the series opener, noting that his passed ball and throwing error helped Los Angeles to two runs Friday night in the suspended game that ended tonight. "If I do a better job behind the plate, I don't think it goes that long," said Hundley, who is batting .435 after six games. Tony Gwynn Jr., facing the Padres for the first time in a Dodgers uniform, twice singled off a 1-2 pitch in the second portion of the suspended game, including a go-ahead single off Pat Neshek's changeup with two out in the 11th inning. The friendship between Gwynn and several Padres players didn't soften the sting. "I hope he goes 4-for-4 on Monday (against the Giants)," Hundley said. "At no point are you happy (for him). Obviously he's a great guy. We loved playing with him. We'll be friends again on Monday. But for now, we're competing." Gwynn hit .204 for the Padres last year and explained here why he expects to hit better this year. Gwynn led off the second game tonight with a double off Dustin Moseley and scored for a 1-0 lead.

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  1. It wasn't Hundley's fault. The team left countless men on base in scoring position. had they played small ball like in St. Louis and not keep swinging for the "big" hit (you can tell when players are over swinging) we would have won the game yesterday with at least a 4-1 lead going into that 6th inning. The team is not doing what they did in St. Louis and someone needs to address that.