Friday, April 1, 2011

Minor snapshots

Below you'll see who'll be where, pending a few tweaks, when Opening Day arrives for the Padres' four full-season affiliates. Also, at the risk of incurring a fine for super-geekness, I've included the mess of names who'll start the season in extended spring training.

I'm pleased to see the Padres are stocking nearby Lake Elsinore with several true prospects, notably pitcher Matt Lollis, center fielder Reymond Fuentes and third baseman Jedd Gyorko. The Stategic Planners' overly publicized and dubious plan to shoehorn the Triple-A club into Escondido was an affront to Lake Elsinore (not to mention Tucson), so bully for the Storm. As scouts predicted under my byline a few years ago, Drew Cumberland is at second base, where his arm plays better than at shortstop. He's a relentless worker and athletic player who should learn fast. He started at second in the Futures Game last July.  (UDPATE: Cumberland, 22, is a career .316 hitter with a .380 OBP who runs well but has missed a lot of games because of injuries.)


Rotation: Castro, LeBlanc (L), Geer, Hefner, Inman.  Other pitchers: Burke, Demark, Flores (L), Leicester, Munter, Perdomo, Poreda (L), Scribner.

Catchers: Martinez, Quiroz

Infielders: 1B Rizzo (L), 2B Forsythe, SS Cabrera (S), 3B Guzman. UT Hoffpauir (DL), UT Parrino (S).

Outfielders: LF Clark (L), CF Durango, RF Cunningham. Others: Baxter (L, DL), Kielty, Payne (L).


Rotation: Bass, Kelly, Musgrave (L), Oramas (L, DL), J. Reyes.  Other pitchers: Brach, Breit, Buschmann, Hynes (L), Italiano, Kunz, Lara, Schmidt (L, DL), Spence (L), Vincent.

Catchers: Phillips (L), Solis, Rodriguez (DL).

Infielders: 1B C. Decker, 2B Cumberland (L), SS Weems, 3B Darnell, UT Blanks (DL), UT Belnome, UT Contreras.

Outfielders: LF J. Decker (L), CF Tekotte, RF Robertson. Other: Carroll (L).


Rotation: DePaula (L), Fetter, Hernandez (L), Lollis, Sullivan.  Other pitchers: Watt (L), Beard, Hamren, Herr (L), McBryde,  Mikolas, Osuna, Pease (L).

Catchers: Haggerty (S), Killian (L).

Infielders: 1B Freiman, 2B Galvez, SS Valdez, 3B Gyorko/Rincon, UT Anna (L).

Outfielders: LF Noel, CF Fuentes (L), RF Liriano. Other: Olabisi (DL).


Rotation: Branham, Cates, Portillo, Sampson, Werner (L).  Other pitchers: Hardy (L), Jackson, Carvajal, Dominick, Franklin, Marona, Mull (L), Sanchez, Schrader (DL).

Catchers: Quiles, Gale.

Infielders: 1B Cunningham (L), 2B Bisson (L), SS Guinn (S), 3B Blackwood, UT Stubblefield (DL), UT Medica, UT Tremblay.

Outfielders: LF Williams (L),  CF Tate, RF Dore. Others: Domoromo (L, DL), O Garcia (L), Meeley (L).


Rotation: Barbato, Guerrero, Herrera, Needy, Norwood. Other pitchers: Berroa, Bingham, Castillo, Claveria, J. Corpas, De La Cruz, Ibarra (L), Lara, Ojeda, Ottone, Paz, E. Reyes, Sabo, Scott, Wilkes.

Catchers: Pozo, Daal, Brayton, Gomez, Tyrell.

Infielders: 1B Powers, 2B Skube, SS Altman, 3B Jones. UT Blanco. UT Cabrera. UT McKenna, UT Minyety (S), UT Velazquez.

Outfielders: LF Adamson (L),  CF Martinez, RF Alcantara. Others: Lopez, Stokes.

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