Friday, April 15, 2011


Everyone has them. Here are several of mine.

* From the veterans in the lineup's middle, the Padres gladly would now take half of Adrian Gonzalez .407 batting average with men in scoring position of last year. So far, Ryan Ludwick is 0-for-14 and Brad Hawpe is 1-for-6.

* As mentioned here when the Padres signed Hawpe, he has a very involved swing, which means that when he's bad, he's really bad.

* It was painful to watch Hawpe search for his swing in recent batting practices. Looked like a slow-pitch softballer's hack.

* Ludwick has been a hair late on, oh, a hundred fastballs since the Padres got him last summer.

* Several Padres pitchers have gained life on their pitches in recent days, notably Clayton Richard and Ernesto Frieri. "That's not unusual once guys get settled in," said pitching coach Darren Balsley.

* The Rockies starting out 7-1 on the road is the National League West's most significant early trend. Typically the Rockies go about 31-50 on the road. They've finished with a winning road mark only once, going 41-40 two years ago.

* It's gotta be tough for Padres TV broadcasters to keep their employers happy when talking about the team's offense. After the 1-0 loss on Thursday, we heard praise for Eric Patterson reaching base on catcher's interference.

* Will Venable's slow start is the most disappointing of them all. When I saw him in early March, Venable was comfortable at the plate. He's still tinkering with his form, perhaps too much. "Every time I see him, he has a new batting stance," a scout told me.

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