Thursday, April 21, 2011


Everyone has them. Here are several from me:

* The All-Star Game will be more fun to watch if Mike Adams is in it. I don't know what's more impressive: Matt Holliday's home run off the shin-high fastball that Adams threw in St. Louis, or Adams retiring the next 28 batters to tie the club record set by Bruce Hurst. If he makes it to Phoenix, Adams can double as a spokesman for microfracture surgery.

* Jed Lowrie would look good in a Padres uniform, and not only because the Padres then would have two guys named Jed. I wrote about this from the winter meetings: My only gripe with the return on the Adrian Gonzalez trade is that the Padres didn't get an interesting big leaguer to go with the three Sox prospects. Lowrie was available last July. In December I was told the Padres doubted Lowrie's bat would play in Petco. Bet they'd take Lowrie now, and that's not a knock on Jason Bartlett.

* I'm not surprised when the Padres' defense suffers on the road. At home, Padres fielders are spoiled by San Diego's weather, a perfect playing surface and coastal air that blunts flyballs. Wind is seldom a worry here, either.

* There's way too much media noise lauding players for "hustle" just because they sprint to first base or chase a foul ball. It's April, fellas. No one's tired.

* Orlando Hudson can still play. Is his defense as special as it was years ago? Not from what I've seen so far.

* After hearing Cubs play-by-play man Pat Hughes call Monday's game, I appreciate why Padres broadcaster Andy Masur speaks so highly of his former mentor.

* Masur and Ted Leitner obviously enjoy calling a game together. Their easy comfort with one another adds to the broadcast.

* The Padres don't miss David Eckstein's bat. Do they miss Eck's leadership? Yes.

* The Garden Snakes have grown a rattle or two since last year, especially in the back of their bullpen. I'm feeling less confident about picking them as the only NL West team to finish behind the Padres (and Dodgers).

* Was surprised to learn Brad Hawpe will get $1 million if the Padres buy out his option. His agent must be a smart guy.

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