Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strange ending

What a weird way for a ballgame to end. A baserunner who's a third baseman runs over the other team's third baseman and is called out for interference. Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake had little or no chance to throw out Cameron Maybin as he pursued the speedster's dribbler between shortstop and third. When the Padres' Chase Headley then ran over Blake, the Dodgers had a third out and the 4-0 victory. Padres manager Bud Black, who didn't have a good angle to see the play, said the umpires were unaminous that it was the right call.

The way Headley described it, the veteran Blake improvised shrewdly. "That was just a smart play by him," Headley said. "If you watch, you can see that I slowed down and gave him a path to go by, and he knew he wasn't going to make the play, so he took a sidestep and came right into me. I definitely was not thinking about hitting him. But he got in the way in a way that it didn't look like he was trying to, and he got the call."

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