Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday matinee

As I type this ESPN is showing the University of Texas spring football game. Texas leads the Longhorns, 13-7. An incoming freshman running back is signing autographs in the stands. The three ESPN broadcasters, when not talking over each other, are breaking down a backup quarterback's leadership skills. They debate this for about five minutes. By now I'm feeling inadequate as a sport commentator. The Padres today played a game that actually counts, and I don't think I could talk about it for five minutes consecutive. How about five sentences?

1) The biggest play in San Diego's 2-0, broom-holstering defeat was Ryan Ludwick lining into a doubleplay with the bases loaded and the Padres down 1-0 in the sixth; 2) I'm not wild about Orlando Hudson bunting at two pitches to start his at-bat in the sixth with none out, runners on first base and second and Hudson having gone 1-for-2. (He fouled off both, then hit into a forceout that could've been a doubleplay but for another Cardinals goof-up.) 3) Luke Gregerson's pitches, as was the case on Thursday, weren't as sharp as they were early last year; 4) Like the best Longhorns helmet-cracker, Dustin Moseley deserved a game ball, in part because he busted the thumbs of Cardinals hitters; 5) Catching purists frowned when Nick Hundley flunked a difficult test, allowing a hot one-hopper to become a significant wild pitch when he stabbed at it with his mitt turned downward.

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