Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Goofiness restores sanity, perhaps. Or signals its return. That's my stab at explaining Ryan Ludwick's comical outbursts yesterday afternoon. Like a wannabe lumberjack, Ludwick repeatedly bellowed "Tim-BERRR." Five minutes would go by, and then he'd bellow again. "Tim-BERRR." The more he did it, the more he and his fellow Padres laughed. Ludwick commended me for braving the forest, as I had to interview Mike Adams nearby. Maybe someone should bring a chainsaw to the clubhouse today. The game arrived and Ludwick rammed two sliders for home runs last night, including the game-winner in the 13th inning. Even Brad Hawpe did something with the lumber. The double he hit off the left-field wall may have been his best swing of the year. It wasn't all about the wood, though. Cory Luebke and Chris Denorfia brought the leather, and the bullpen did its thing. Some overdue fun at the ballpark. There's your summary.

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