Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zero for Moseley

The Padres have scored as many runs for Dustin Moseley in his three starts as they've scored for you or me. After his previous game, Saturday against the Dodgers, I asked Moseley about not getting any runs yet this season and here's what he said:  "I got outpitched, so, hang with 'em. You keep going out there, and the boys will start coming through. We've got a good group here, and some good hitters. It'll work itself out." Not much else for him to say, is there? The starting pitchers opposite Moseley were, in order, Jaime Garcia, Hiroki Kuroda and, tonight, Bud Norris. They all pitched well, especially Garcia. Tonight, the Padres never really adjusted to the tight slider that Norris kept throwing. All things considered, the performance was the offense's worst of the young season.

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