Friday, May 6, 2011


I doubt the players perceive a Padres-Diamondbacks rivalry. Do the higher-ups with each club? You betcha. West Coast Bias bills this series as Gunslinger vs. Strategic Thinkers although I get the sense that Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick, for whom I do not have a nickname, is more gung-ho about it than anybody.  I also recall Jeff Moorad saying, upon taking over the Padres, that he wants the Padres to "beat the butts" of the Diamondbacks. The way the Padres have played at home so far, I'm thinking a victory over the University of Phoenix would be welcomed on 19 Tony Gwynn Drive.

Elsewhere, furthering the San Diego-Phoenix sports connection, San Diego State's former football coach, Brady Hoke, who I'm told took a job somewhere in the Midwest, watched Thursday's Snakes-Rockies game from the Gunslinger's box.

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