Saturday, May 21, 2011


* Mat Latos was so-so, at best, en route to defeat Friday against the Mariners. Just looking at the body language, one wouldn't think this is the same guy who dominated hitters last year.
* Center fielder Cameron Maybin's jump, route and catch attempt were all subpar on a ball that was generously ruled a leadoff single. Unable to pick up Maybin, Latos gave up two runs in the inning.
* In terms of defense and baserunning, the Padres' game performance was below major league standards.
* Orlando Hudson was 4.3 seconds to first base on his doubleplay groundout. That's average or slightly worse, and may indicate Hudson still isn't all the way back from the hamstring injury that put him on the disabled list.
* Chase Headley was out of the lineup against another lefty. As with the platooning of Will Venable, this leads me to wonder if the Padres aren't sold on Headley as a long-term answer. 

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