Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Pink Pony Scouts Chat here in March included large chunks of praise for Padres first-base prospect Anthony Rizzo and rare unanimity on his chances of sticking in the big leagues. All four scouts who had seen Rizzo said he eventually will establish himself as big league regular, which isn't to say any of them guaranteed he'd stay for good once he got to the majors. One scout likened his swing to that of Adam LaRoche. A fifth scout, speaking last month, said Rizzo should become an average big leaguer, which is more praise than you might think. The average slash line for a major league first baseman last year was .268/.347/.445 with 17 home runs for 502 plate appearances. If Rizzo turns out to be better than average, none of these scouts will be surprised. Recently a scout said Rizzo, in time, should become a good defender (Petco Park's infield, which plays truer than most, several infielders have said, can only help foster his development in that area). On one thing everyone can agree: Rizzo's presence will jazz up tonight's game between the last-place Padres and the last-place Swamp Gnats.

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