Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dodgers trade

Let's see how another Padres rival did today in its trade.

"I thought the Dodgers did OK," said an MLB evaluator from another club.

As part of a three-way trade with the Mariners and Red Sox, the Dodgers came away with three minor leaguers headed by catcher Tim Federowitz and pitcher Stephen Fife for outfielder Trayvon Robinson.

"Federowitz is a good backup, a real good backup," the evaluator said. "He can really catch and throw. He's defense first, but he's better than a typical, defense-first guy. He's a quality backup guy. He'll spend six to 10 years in the big leagues.

"Fife is, at best, a possible back end of the rotation guy in the NL West," said the MLB man. "He's been little slow to develop."

The evaluator hadn't scouted Red Sox prospect Juan Rodriguez, who also went to Los Angeles in the trade.

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