Friday, July 15, 2011

Padres redux

Jim Riggleman, a teacher of good repute in his time with the Padres, as a manager in both the minor leagues and the majors, is in San Diego today to begin his new job as a special assignment scout with the Giants. Riggleman was the talk of the baseball world late last month when he resigned as manager of the Nationals despite the team's breakthrough first half. Asked by this blog if he wants to manage again, Riggleman said, "I really want to kind of stay away from that question. It just leaves me open to, 'Why did you resign?' I think everybody who knows me will read between the lines. I love managing." Riggleman and Giants manager Bruce Bochy, the former Padres manager, are longtime friends, Riggleman having hired Bochy in 1993 as his Padres third base coach. But Bochy, who succeeded Riggleman here after the Cubs hired him, said it was Giants general manager Brian Sabean who hired the former Nats manager. "Sabes really respects Jimmy with his baseball knowledge," Bochy said. "He was excited he was available." Riggleman said he will scout other teams' big leaguers and prospects, and Giants minor leaguers. Riggleman also will supply dope on the Nats, "but that hasn't come up," he said. Riggleman said of the Giants, "I've heard such great things about this organization from the ownership down to Brian Sabean, then Boch and the coaches."

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