Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rockies trade

The Padres weren't the only NL West team that dealt for prospects before today's Trade Deadline.

The Rockies "made a good trade," said a talent evaluator with another club, by dealing ace Ubaldo Jimenez to the Indians for four prospects. The MLB evaluator says Jimenez could go from being an ace pitcher to a salary liability--fast. He is guaranteed $5.2 million next year.

"For me it was a huge, huge risk deal for Cleveland," he said. "Ubaldo, it's not the cleanest arm action. You don't see many guys throw the ball with that deep stab, and just how he slings the ball."

Among the minor leaguers going to Colorado, Drew Pomeranz stands out. "Pomeranz is a stud," the MLB man said. "He's a big, power left-handed starter, a  good athlete. He's the kind of the match you want."

He said righty "Alex White is more of a bullpen guy for me, a pretty good bullpen guy," and righty Joe Gardner has a "heavy sinker." He described Matt McBride, a Double-A first baseman-outfielder, as a former offensive catcher who has a decent bat.

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