Friday, August 26, 2011


A year ago today, Martians landed on Earth and asked who goofed with the baseball standings. (Martians know little about baseball, but being green, they understand money.)  On top of the National League was a team whose payroll was at the bottom. (Actually, second from last, but even Martians don't think the Pirates a big league club.)

The Strategic Thinkers at 19 Tony Gwynn Drive also gazed in wonder at the 76-49 record listed next to their Padres. Not since 1998, when smoke and mirrors weren't needed, had the club risen 27 games above .500.

This 76-49, it fairly shimmered.

In humble awe, a baseball exec with the Padres tapped out a text message to a fellow exec -- 76-49, it read. The man didn't dare add a word. Or LOL. Certainly not a : )

Ahead of the Giants by 6.5 games when they woke up a year ago today, the Padres would face the lowly Garden Snakes in San Diego.

They would lose 11-5.

Lost the next nine games, too.

Duly oxygenated, the Giants won 21 of their final 34 games to claim the NL West. 

The Garden Snakes since have grown their rattles back and now lead the West. The Padres (60-71) will face them tonight, a world apart from a year ago today.

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