Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun fiction

Imagine this chat on the speaker phones at 19 Tony Gwynn Drive:

Theo:  Jeff, what are my chances of hiring Jed or Josh, maybe both of 'em?

Moorad: Tell you what, Theo. Not gonna happen. These guys are staying, unless you can guarantee it's not a lateral move. Even then, we'd need compensation.

But, Theo, we'd be open to moving Orlando Hudson. He's due $7.5 million next year. Compared to what you paid Lackey and Crawford and what you owe Soriano and Zambrano, the O-Dog's a bargain. Besides, we didn't get a big leaguer to go with prospects in the Gonzalez deal. We're not rolling over on this one, Theo. Even if we may look like a Pacific Coast League franchise, we're not one.

Dial tone.

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