Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Any baseball team can wear blue or red. The daring and distinctive choice is brown. What can brown do for you, Padres? It's earthy vibe can set you apart from the pack, yet not seem a gimmick. Choose Padres brown, and connect to your funky past.

Brown chic is within your reach, Strategic Thinkers, although only if you exile your inner wonk. While you're at it, lose the road duds, OK? The wannabe Yankees road look fell flat.

Tomorrow when you unveil your new uniforms, I suppose if you want to be true to your pitch, we won't see any names on the back. Because it's the name on the front that counts, especially when Gonzalez is gone and Freese is a Cardinal and you owe the O-Dog $7.5 million.

Here's the thing. The Padres should wear brown and the Chargers should wear powder blue. If our teams can't get the easy part right, how do they expect to win a World Series or a Super Bowl?

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  1. Is strategic thinkers even valid any more? Byrnes was a scout more of a stats guy wasn't he?