Friday, January 6, 2012

Trade with Cubs

The Padres made a trade with the Cubs today. Anthony Rizzo heads to Chicago along with Single-A pitcher Zach Cates. To the Padres go pitcher Andrew Cashner, who joins the back end of San Diego's bullpen, and minor league outfielder Kyung-Min Na.

Evaluators from two other clubs told this blog what they thought of the deal.

"It shows how much value (Rizzo) has lost over the last year," said a National League man, noting that Rizzo was a key piece in the Adrian Gonzalez trade 13 months ago.

An American League scout likes Cashner more than Rizzo, saying the right-hander's "big arm" is more predictable than Rizzo's "big bat." He prefers Cates to Na.

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  1. I think that Byrnes knows that in a year or so, Rizzo will become what the Cubs want him to be. But he WAS NOT going to be that player in the NL West. The difference between the ballparks in the NL Central and the NL West, is that the West damm near demands that hitters develop an ability to hit for some kind of decent batting average....simplay because pitchers in this division dont feel compel to throw pitches that hitters usually get in AAA, where breaking pitches are generally below par, and thrown rarely, anyways.

    In the Central, those ballparks play a HUGE part in why hitters prosper regardless of how good the pitching is.

    yea, its nice to have a Latos, Cueto and Chapman in your rotation, but that kind of pitching is not going to have the same bearing on how hitters do or dont do, so much...again, because the ballparks are smaller there, to much smaller.

    my guess, is that Rizzo will easily become a 30/100 guy, year in and year out, as long as he stays in hitters ballparks. He isnt as polished as Adrian was at his age, and a guy like Adrian, producing in a ballpark like Petco, only comes along every once and awhile.

    Rizzo, was essentially traded because the Padres felt that he had, AT LEAST, another year or two, before he REALLY had a handle on the pitching that the teams in the West deal with every season. He may have gotten there, to where he became a Tulowitzki or whatever, but they probably thought that they didnt have time to wait, combined with the fact that Byrk=nes is doing what Towers and Hoyer didnt do much of (stressing the importance of striking out less and making more contact)

    Alonso, is that kind of 1st baseman...annother James Loney.

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