Monday, February 13, 2012

Padres lock up Grant

As they wait for MLB to approve their TV deal with Fox, the Padres have locked into place a key member of their broadcast team for the next three years.

Mark Grant, this blog has learned, has reached terms on a guaranteed contract through 2014. The deal could stretch to 2016 if options are exercised.

To get the contract done, the Padres made Grant a club employee. It's more typical for a team's TV affiliate to employ its broadcasters, but the Padres, after discussing Grant with Fox, decided not to wait for MLB to sign off on the 20-year pact with Fox.

Grant, who pitched professionally from 1981 through the spring of 1996, including a stint with the Padres, has been a color analyst on Padres broadcasts since 1996, when team executive Bill Adams plugged him into a rotation of guest analysts with Prime Sports. Impressed by his baseball expertise, sense of humor and affable personality, the Padres and Channel 4 hired Grant full time in 1997.

Grant's play-by-play partner, Dick Enberg, also employed by the Padres, is under contract through the 2013 season. Color analyst Tony Gwynn, a Padres consultant, also will be in the booth for the 2012 season.

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  1. I like Mark Grant. He does know the game well and is somewhat balanced. I am spoiled, however, by the time I spent living in the Bay Area and hearing the combination of Jon Miller, Mike Krukow, and Duane Kuiper. They are simply the best, IMO.