Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dangerous opponent

If one needed a reminder that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf swings a heavy bat within major league baseball -- the same Reinsdorf who, as this blog reported exclusively on Jan. 20, spoke against would-be Padres "control" owner Jeff Moorad at the ownership meetings -- it came this week from former major league commissioner Fay Vincent.

Vincent fingers Reinsdorf as a key player in the palace coup that deposed Vincent and installed Bud Selig, then the owner of the Brewers, as MLB's new boss. "I think Selig and Reinsdorf and others were way ahead of me," Vincent says in documents obtained by "I didn't realize they were trying to push me out. I knew they were trying to cause trouble. It never occurred to me that Selig wanted to be commissioner."

It's not clear what Reinsdorf's end-game is where Moorad is concerned. But given Selig's coziness with  Reinsdorf and the commissioner's preference for unaminous votes, it's difficult to see Moorad becoming majority owner without either Reinsdorf's consent or his neutrality.

Elswhere, this blog is hearing that the TV deal between the Padres and Fox soon will be announced, likely within two weeks. It's the first optimistic report to reach this blog firsthand since the negotiations began at least a year ago.

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