Thursday, March 15, 2012

FS San Diego aims high

Fox Sports San Diego has big plans for its Padres telecasts. As this blog reported last week, the pregame and postgame shows in-season will each run an hour, which will double the typical amount of live bookend content from Padres telecasts the previous 12 years. A broadcasting stage near Tony Gwynn's statue will be built beyond the center-field fence. Extra cameras will be used. In time, Fox will expect the quality of its Padres telecasts to rival the quality of its national telecasts.

When FS San Diego begins its Padres coverage on Saturday, kinks will still need ironing out in production and distribution. The first telecast, and others soon to follow from the Cactus League, will not be available to customers of Time Warner, AT&T U-verse and DISH. For those customers, the options are: switch to DirectTV or ask your service provider to add Fox. By Opening Day, ongoing negotiations could place FS San Diego with those providers.

Unlike the Padres' previous TV deal, which generally limited telecasts to Time Warner and Cox, most of San Diego's bars and restaurants now will be able to air Padres telecasts via DirecTV. Until then, this blog and Padres fans can debate whether Padres games will inspire patrons to drink more beer.

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  1. Any info at all about 'Over-the-Air' broadcasts? Having recently cut the cable cord I am dying to know if my only option will be radio.