Monday, April 16, 2012

Kelly's elbow to be checked

Sorry to mar your Monday, Padres fans: Casey Kelly, one of the franchise's better pitching prospects, will be in San Diego tomorrow to have his elbow examined. Dan Hayes of the North County Times first reported the news. Here's what Padres farm director Randy Smith told this blog:

"Kelly had some elbow soreness after his last start, and for cautionary reasons we want our doctors in San Diego to examine him. I am sure we will do a thorough exam, which may include an MRI."

At spring training's end, Kelly received praise in the Pink Pony Scouts Chat. The righty was off to a fast start with Triple-A Tucson, striking out 14 with no walks and three runs allowed in 12 innings. Kelly, 22, came to the Padres in the Adrian Gonzalez trade.

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  1. Hey Tom thanks for the great reporting! What are the different outcomes with a sore elbow for a pitcher? Obviously time missed but what are the good, bad, and ugly for this doctors visit?

  2. Thanks, Kevin. The worst-case scenario for an elbow injury -- and by no means am I saying this will be the case with Kelly -- is a torn ligament that would require Tommy John surgery, which means a lost year and two years before sustained pre-injury form is regained. The good scenario would be, the soreness is nothing of consequence. I'm not speculating on the issue, just answering your question. Generally speaking, however, shoulder injuries are more concerning than elbow injuries. For what it's worth, it's not unusual for pitchers to report elbow soreness.