Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Petco National Park has nurtured countless Padres pitchers. Today's beneficiary was rookie Joe Wieland, a 22-year-old who scouts say could become a No. 4 starter. The right-hander allowed two runs over six innings in San Diego's 7-2 defeat. Nationals manager Davey Johnson praised Wieland (0-3) for keeping the Padres close and said the righty showed a "good slider." But Johnson, whose team's ballpark favors pitchers, noted that his team hit several deep flyouts off Wieland and Padres relievers. "I know at least three balls would've been out in any other ballpark except here," he said.

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  1. Tom, you're a good writer and we appreciate your work, but like constantly referring to Jed Hoyer as "Doogie," there is nothing clever about constantly calling the ballpark Petco "National" Park. It gets old. Just putting it out there. Thanks for your work.