Monday, April 9, 2012

Review and preview

I thought the Padres' defense terrible in the first half of 2011. Four games into this season, the defense has four bad performances in the book. For the series I graded the defense an F. I took into account the pleasant weather and familiar ballpark.

One Padres highlight to the first series was that Andrew Cashner's big arm excited a few scouts. Says one: "Cashner has a chance to be a linchpin in their bullpen."

Scouts guess that two or three Padres regulars would be good enough to start for the Dodgers: Chase Headley, Nick Hundley and Cameron Maybin, although Matt Kemp's presence would move Maybin to left field.

A scout told me Andy Parrino would be an upgrade on Orlando Hudson at second base. Bud Black probably doesn't want to bench Hudson. At some point, the disabled list might do it for him. The scouting consensus is that Parrino's best role is as a utility man.

Next up are the Diamondbacks, who are 3-0 after sweeping the Giants. Here's what jumped out in the two games that I saw: Arizona's hitters are ready to hit. Simple, isn't it? It's not.

The Diamondbacks chose to have Trevor Cahill start here tomorrow. In their hitter friendly park on Sunday, the ball went to Josh Collmenter. Of the two, Cahill is far more accomplished, but Cahill's sinker looked flat to scouts in spring training. What better place to pitch than Petco National Park on an April evening? Kirk Gibson is looking out for Cahill, who came to Arizona in an offseason trade.

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  1. I would hope Parrino is starting four out of every seven games before too long: one for Headley, one for Hudson, two for Bartlett. I'd really like to see Bartlett's 2013 option not vest - would that raise the ire of MLBPA? Would Parrino be viable at SS? His range at 2B seems great, and his arm was great from third.

    Defense was disconcerting. Maybin's error in the opener may've changed the entire scope of the game (can't fault him too much, as he was the only real source of offense). Headley seems to be letting a lot of retrievable grounders get by him, and his arm accuracy and strength seem off. Hundley seemed to wear down as the series went on with the high throws to second, mishandling the ball when preparing to throw, etc. Bartlett looked sluggish besides a few plays. Guzman was better in the field than I thought he'd be, but I didn't necessarily have high hopes.

    There was also the base running gaffe committed by Hudson on Saturday night that ended the inning. I think the Padres had a good chance to keep that one going.

  2. Drew, good points. For what it's worth, I think defense gets overlooked, just by the nature of how the media reports on the games. I'll try to write about the team's defense whenever possible...As for the baserunning play you mentioned, Mattingly rated it the key play of the game.

  3. Thanks for taking the time Tom. Another mistake running the bases last night; sadly, I'm not at all surprised.