Friday, May 25, 2012

Padres All-Star?

I asked the Tweeps who should represent the Padres at the All-Star Game.

Seventeen of the 31 respondents chose first baseman Yonder Alonso. Six selected third baseman Chase Headley. Eight others made choices that you'll want to read below.

Several of Alonso's supporters said the decision was easy. @Don_Norcross rated Alonso a "no brainer." Explaining why the choice was "Alonso without a doubt," @drew_bu  wrote that the guy with the .390 on-base percentage and 16 doubles has been the team's "only reliable, consistent bat," and "none of our pitchers have been anything special."

@haha1721 saw it as Alonso "almost by default," citing a "lack of elite" first basemen in the National league and Alonso's "nice numbers."

Alonso's total of one home run, however, left at least one voter feeling lukewarm.

‏@kevin_charityAnthony Bass would be my pick. Perhaps Yonder if he can get HR total up.

Acknowledgement of Padres bullpen coach Darrel Akerfelds's fight with pancreatic cancer came from @beautown, who wrote that sending Akerfelds to the game would be "a class move."

Here are some other responses:

@sdutCanepaBud Black

@lonndoggieTony Gwynn. Position: Potential Owner.

@DSimonMD: The team should petition the league to waive the requirement so we don't have to hear talk of how bad they are for three hours.

@BoltzLV: Western Metal building.

Pleased with the team's new radio broadcaster, @LorenSCasuto suggested @heyscan.


  1. Actually, the more pertinent question for this team would be which players will be traded before the July deadline. A sad state of affairs.