Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pain or shrugs?

I put the following double-question to the Tweeps: Do the losses still hurt? Or, do you shake them off as inconsequential, inevitable outcomes within a rebuilding season? The poll coincided with this afternoon's loss to the Cubs, who rallied to complete a sweep. Chicago entered the three-game series on a 12-game losing streak. The Padres departed Wrigley Field with a 17-35 record that included a 5-19 road mark.

Here, following, are most of the replies:

@aztlandiaz: I've accepted the reality we're in year two of a rebuilding plan. However I have much greater expectations going into next year.

@ducksnorts:This is where the new TV deal helps. Padres are 5-5 when I've seen them in 2012. No pain here.

‏@rmclachlan: Losses like today hurt. Blowing leads goes against what SD has been for so long. Never having a lead is a different story.

‏@bkanish: I fear, until the Pads have an owner who is committed to winning the World Series we will be in a perpetual state of rebuilding.

‏@bkanish: for me, the losses are a constant reminder of how far this team has fallen.

‏@smcorson: Would enjoy watching the kid pitchers, if they weren't all hurt (Weiland, Luebke, Kelly, Erlin...)

@smcorson: Sadly, I checked out in April when we were 10 games out after 8 games and couldn't catch a game on TV.

@jeffthecrusher: Losing is contagious. Winners play fundamentally sound baseball. Losers don't. #cantdriveinarunnerfrom2ndwithlessthan2outs.

@diegodougie: Losses don't matter because I've become apathetic about Padres.

@akasendorf: Always hurts. Except I don't dwell as long anymore.

@_NullandVoid: It hurts when you get swept by a team that had lost 12 straight. However, there are 0 expectations for Pads so in the end, no.

@booyababy1960: STH is getting tired of seeing Black's boring, uninspired, strikeout, lazy SD nice guy attitude. Tired act.

@williep1414: As a long time fan, every loss hurts. If they don't, you're not a fan.

‏@senordurrski: pretty numb to them now. Look for positives among the young guys, look (unfortunately) at moveable pieces and hope they perform.

@Aleks_Mar: wait, Padres are playing?

@friarhood: I look at this team the same way I do the minor league teams. Spotlight the individual performances and hope for progress.

@tonyw44: at least the Padres aren't oh for 103 years. I don't want to hear jack from Cubs fans.

@PatScuds: still hurts rebuilding is nice but when so many young guys are struggling makes you question it.

@bmozmo: I refuse to continue support until I see more of commitment from this or any management they may have.

@bmozmo: I'm sick of this sorry excuse of a big league team, it's a triple-A lineup.

@_RobertMoreno: The loses hurt because I'm a true fan that wants to see my team succeed. Bandwagon fans are the type that just shake them off.

@randiego2: They hurt. We've been waiting patiently for Carlos Quentin to show and when he does all we hear is his trade value. Arrgh!

@asl3676: The Padres are an embarrassment...Fans don't care and tickets are being offered with substantial discounts...

@The_NV: Given the pitching injuries and the low expectations, I expect them to lose, and that makes every win and close loss fun.

‏@sandiegogolfer: always hurts to lose. Wondering where rebuilding begins tho and by when will we see results? 2014? #toolong

@matthewverygood: It always stings, but I don't let it get me down. Still my team.

‏@KCDPR: They don't hurt when you know team their fielding just isn't MLB made. I'm not fooled by rebuild either. No one to build around.

‏@MLBBureau: I take the offense outburst as good sign, then I remember we were playing at Wrigley so they cancel out my happiness.

‏@mickeykoke: They hurt less with a fighting chance and actually producing to some degree. Petco baseball, no thanks!

‏@jodes0405: I know the season is a long shot, but until we're mathematically eliminated, no loss is inconsequential. They all hurt.

@Sdtucker10: Each one is like a paper cut in a crease on your hand. Painful and ever present.

‏@CTeclaw: I don't see any building going on. Even the young players on this team are horrible. Rizzo trade was an unmitigated disaster.

@BParker17: I am becoming apathetic, and I am sadly one of the most devoted Padres fans out there. Same results, new season.

@DSimonMD: Problem is, it doesn't even feel like a rebuilding season. Suppan? Stults? The guys who were extended have been hurt or bad.

‏@Da_Great_Gonzo: They hurt when one of them hits multiple HRs in a game to give the team a lead late in the game and then blow it.

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