Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cashner to start

There's no doubting who the most excited Padres player is this morning. Hint: He's tall, throws 100 miles per hour and will start against the Brewers on Saturday in Milwaukee.

Andrew Cashner, talking to us scribes, used the word "excited" four times. He got the news on Wednesday that he'd be making the start, which he said will be his first since opening last season as the No. 5 starter with the Cubs.

"It's something I wanted to do," he said. "I didn't think it would be this year I'd get a chance to start, but I'm excited about it and looking forward to the chance."

His results as a reliever were so-so, as I wrote about here. The hope is that Cashner will gain accuracy and feel from the increased number of pitches. Cashner said starting in the past has yielded "better command and sharper stuff."

Bud Black said, "Any time a pitcher gets more repetitions, absolutely it can help his consistency and help his ability to improve. I think (Cashner's) mix of pitches will enable him to start, possibly moving forward if we think that's the way to go."

Cashner isn't ready to throw, say, 100 pitches in a game. The pitcher said he may need to make a few starts in the minors before drawing regular starts with the Padres. "Ideally, he pitches into the third inning," Black said of Saturday's outing.

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