Saturday, June 9, 2012


Several mock drafts had the Padres selecting shortstop Carlos Correa with the No. 7 pick. The Padres almost certainly would've chosen Correa had he fallen to them. He was second on their draft board. The Astros, however, took Correa with the first pick and signed him for $4.8 million. Richard Justice of passed along his recent story about the Astros and Correa. Here, following, is an excerpt:

The Astros swear that it was “a baseball decision” to draft Carlos Correa instead of Boras client Mark Appel with the No. 1 pick. Besides that, they used the 41st pick on a Boras client, Lance McCullers Jr., and are prepared for the usual games. They got Correa signed for $4.8 million, which could free up some money for McCullers. 
On May 27, they invited Correa, 17, to extended spring to see how he handled fastballs on his hands. He had 12-15 at-bats and swung and missed once.
“He looked like he fit in,” (GM Jeff) Luhnow said. “He was three or four years younger than most of the players on the field. He absolutely stood out. It gave me confirmation that this is the type of player we're looking for. This is an impact player that we need for the future of this organization. Carlos has a chance to be a star."

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  1. I'm consoled by the fact the Padres recognized the star potential early, even though they didn't get him. After decades of horrible drafts, there's at least the sense that the Padres now know what they're doing.