Saturday, June 9, 2012

Draft wrinkle

What were the Padres thinking, drafting a quarterback who has NFL potential, two years left as Toledo's starter and-- key point -- no baseball experience over the last five years?

Football scribes snickered.

"It's a real shocker the Padres are in last place," snarked Graham Watson for Yahoo's college football blog, Dr. Saturday.

Chad MacDonald, Padres draft overseer, explained his selection of Terrance Owens, telling reporters in San Diego he phoned Owens and asked if he'd like to play baseball. "Yeah, if I don't play quarterback in the NFL," said Owens, according to MacDonald.

"I said, 'OK, we'll hedge our bets on that in the 40th round,' " said MacDonald, who described Owens as an "electric athlete" with a stunningly strong left arm.

Owens said he'll stick with football, meaning the Padres will lose rights to him on July 13 barring a big surprise.

What became of another speedy and strong-armed lefty quarterback with NFL potential, drafted 12 years ago by another National League West team?

 Michael Vick went first in the NFL draft, to the Falcons in 2001, a year after the Rockies took the Virginia Tech star in the 30th round.


  1. Did Todd Helton have NFL QB potential when the Padres drafted him and tried to talk him about playing QB at Tennessee?