Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Five weeks ago, I quoted a scout who said Cameron Maybin needed to fix his swing.

Judging by the results, Maybin's swing still isn't clicking. The speedster is batting .198 with a .290 slugging percentage. The Padres, I suggested to my Twitter followers on Tuesday, may want to consider sending Maybin to the minors, where he could work in a more relaxed environment, conceivably more conducive to implementing a swing change. A trip to the "phantom DL" may be another option, allowing Maybin to work behind the scenes for at least 15 days, while also staying in the big leagues. The best result, of course, would be for Maybin to find his hitting form of 2011. While he's at it, he'd do well to ferret out his defensive prowess of a year ago. "It's not like he's tracking the ball well," said the same scout.

At 25, Maybin still hasn't reached the typical peak years. His struggles, however, are becoming more significant, considering that the Padres guaranteed him $21 million for 2014-16 within the $25-million contract they issued him in March.

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