Sunday, July 8, 2012


First mention of Ron Fowler as a potential successor to Jeff Moorad, in the role of Padres "control" owner or MLB designee, came here, in this blog, on Jan. 20.

I got to know Fowler when he owned the San Diego Sockers and I covered the team.

As written here on Jan. 20, I found Fowler to be a smart, direct man, with a talent for leadership. When John Moores put the Padres back up for sale a few months ago, I appeared on 1090 AM's show, hosted by Jeff Dotseth and Dave Pallet, and said it'd be nice to see Fowler, one of Moorad's limited partners, take on a prominent role in new ownership.

It now appears that will happen. According to, Fowler will be a key member of the new ownership team, barring a collapse in negotiations that are in the latter stages. The O'Malley family will also be part of new ownership, reports CBSSports. Peter O'Malley's role, however, won't be as significant as several earlier reports suggested. That development, which I hinted at two months ago, isn't stunning.

No doubt Fowler's emergence is being cheered by Padres president and interim CEO Tom Garfinkel, who's known to have worked to align himself with Fowler. A staunch advocate for Padres general manager Josh Byrnes, Garfinkel can be assumed to have given Fowler glowing recommendations of Byrnes.

Moores, too, likely has the warm fuzzies for Fowler. I'm told by a major league source that Fowler's infusing of O'Malley's bid with a large sum of money allowed the Texas tycoon to extract a considerably higher price than Hollywood mogul Thomas Tull was willing to play. It can be debated whether Moores had his heart in owning the Padres in the last several years; the man's business acumen, however, is demonstrably keen.

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  1. If the O'malley group didn't have the money to buy the team outright, it would make sense to include not only Ron Fowler, but many, if not all the partners of the Moorad group, and just buy out John Moores' controlling interest.

    That would be a back door purchase by Moorad's group, possibly with Jeff Moorad still owning a share, but wouldn't it still leave the Padres with owners of limited resources, and more tight payrolls?