Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ownership numbers

When John Moores bought the Padres, team execs revealed the ownership's pie chart. Reporters learned Moores owned about 80 percent of the club, with the rest divvied up among a handful of minority partners, including Tom Werner. On the same topic, the new ownership group was less forthcoming today in its introductory press conference.

 Ron Fowler described the O'Malley-Seidler family as the primary owner and said he's the control owner. As such, Fowler will represent the team to MLB. Fowler gave no percentage breakdowns of ownership positions. A reporter asked for percentages from Peter Seidler, a nephew of Peter O'Malley and spokesman for the O'Malley-Seidler family. Seidler holds one degree in finance, another in business administration. He oversees an investment firm worth about $1.5 billion. His response:

"I'm probably not good at math, but I'll do the best I can. I think Ron gave a great statement earlier talking about our objective of having a great product on the field, and the spotlight on the field, and less attention on the owners. As it relates to the ownership group, Ron and our family control the franchise. We have a small group of super people that are part of the ownership group with us, but when it comes down to decision-making and the financial control of the franchise, all of that is in the hand of Ron and our family."

In the Padres' press release, eight additional members were listed within ownership: Rick Barry, Glenn Doshay, Alexis Fowler, Patrick Graham, Alfredo Harp Helu, Harvey Jabara, Lee Ross and Wayne Seltzer.

Seisler said he expects Phil Mickelson to join the group in two weeks, which, by my count, will raise the count to 14 people who either own or will own shares in the Padres.

Fowler said Jeff Moorad's group, which attempted to buy the club from Moores, numbered 26 participants.

Doshay held a minority stake in the Padres when Moores entered into his layaway plan with Moorad in 2009.


  1. *THE* Rick Barry? I'm not in San Diego, so I've not heard ...

  2. No, different guy -- this isn't the guy who shoots 90 percent on underhand FTs....